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About my prints

The method used to create my drawings

My pictures are carefully hand-drawn on a computer. They are manually produced drawings using the mouse as a pen, not computer-generated. Absolutely no AI. First, construction lines are drawn to create a structure for a picture. Coloured shapes are then drawn to produce an image, guided by the construction lines. Typically there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of overlapping shapes, most of them under another. Then when the picture is complete, the lines are removed. The whole process can take a while.

Wireframe for "Welcome to your world"

"Welcome to your world"

In the image above, the construction lines are black and the outlines of the shapes are red. Construction lines may be short, or long, sometimes extending across much of the image to give it structure. Several shapes may be attached to a line and the outline of a shape typically merges into the outline of another shape, or of several shapes. Not all shapes require construction lines but become construction lines in themselves.

The process is not very different from using AutoCAD but everything is drawn manually, requiring meticulous accuracy in addition to the design of the picture itself. Some of the shapes look transparent, but they are not transparent. They are coloured to look transparent. That is the style.

As SVG images (Scalable Vector Graphics), the pictures can theoretically be printed at any size without the loss of detail and definition that naturally occurs with enlarged photographs. The images are printed on 230-260gms A2 size print paper from Canon, Epson, Marrutt or Olmec. That is quite a stiff paper giving extremely rich colours. Some are also printed bigger, up to about four feet.

Up to A2 size pictures I print myself. For bigger prints (up to A0) I go to a giclée print specialist who uses the same paper.

Framing recommendation is behind glass in simple white, black or wood frames with profiles about an inch wide and a white or close-to-white acid-free mount surround of two to four inches.


The original hand-drawn images are converted from their native sRGB colour space to Adobe RGB for richer colours and printed using a 11+1 pigment ink system for print longevity. Prints made using these inks can last without fading for approximately 200 years in a photo album and up to 60 years exposed to light.

The colours on prints may not be exactly the colours you see on your screen. That is inevitable on different devices. They should be pretty close however.


All the images displayed for sale on this website are copyright, either (i) as 'fair use transformative works' (my copyright), or (ii) an image is not 'transformative' and I have reached an agreement with the copyright owner, or (iii) an image is new and was created entirely by me, or (iv) I own the copyright of a photograph on which an image is based. In all cases they must not be reproduced, either from this website or from a printed version. Thank you.


Page last modified: 28 May, 2024